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Tips For Pass Word 2021

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Tips for a password pass word

Q: How is the pass word password hacked?

G: Hackers or hackers rely on highly intelligent programs and scripts, and by using little information about the victim, they can easily access his confidential data and exploit it in one way or another.

Password or password pass word The password or password has become an integral part of our daily life, due to its importance in protecting our data and sensitive information from theft or hacking.

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However, many users of smartphones and smart devices write in a password that expresses their personal name or the name of a person, animal, or something close to him, or perhaps we find someone who writes the name of his car brand password, in fact all of these passwords are considered very weak and easy to guess by some hobbyist, A strong and smart password is one that contains a variety of letters, numbers and special signs.

pass word

Here are a number of tips for setting up a strong password. According to the US site Howtogeek:

  • Make sure your password is long, as it must be at least eight to 10 characters long, as longer passwords are more secure.
  • Do not use the same passwords for more than one account, and you should not use the same password for more than a few months.
  • Not to rely on passwords containing personal information or easy guessing by hackers.
  • Vary between letters, numbers and special signs.
  • Use strong, multiple passwords for the various sites they visit.
  • Do not let someone other than you know your password, whatever.
  • Highly sensitive passwords record them on a sheet and put them in a safe place.
  • Take care to deal with suspicious activity on various user accounts and not click on untrusted links.
  • Ensure that the anti-virus software your device relies on is constantly updated.
    Activate the two-factor authentication feature (two-step verification).
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