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Status Saver for what’s app 2021

Status Saver for what's app

Status Saver for what’s app

Status Saver for Whatsapp , Facebook, instagram ,TikTok is an app to Save Videos, GIFs, and Images from WhatsApp statuses, facebook, TikTok and instagram public Videos.

Not only That with Status Saver app You can mimic what’s app chat yeah you can make fake chat

This highly useful tool lets you get the content from one of the latest status on WhatsApp. And also facebook, TikTok and instagram videos with single click

The Status Saver  interface is quite clear, although the design could be nicer. You can download the photos and videos of statuses already viewed on WhatsApp , facebook,TikTok and instagram.

Status Saver for what's app
Status Saver for what’s app

 Don’t forget that what’s app status photos and videos are temporary and disappear for good after 24 hours, but thanks to this app you can download this content to keep for yourself for ever

After downloading the statuses you want from facebook, TikTok, Instagram and WhatsApp, you can access them from your gallery or the app itself.

The contains nice video viewer with direct share option for various apps including what’s app story itself

Status Saver is a highly useful tool if you’re looking to get  contents

that your WhatsApp contacts have shared in their statuses.

Status Saver have a nice text Reapeater and text to emoji feature

And it also easy to download and save facebook, TikTok, Instagram Videos with single click

You can get this highly recommend app on Apkpure

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